Experimental Voice

music festival

2014 20XX



MC Xander (UK)

The Experimental Voice festival showcases some of the most innovative and forward thinking vocal music I have come across, and DedooX were one of the highlights. I was very honoured to be headlining such a bill.

Keep up the good work!

Jukebox Trio (RU)

Such fests always excite a broad public interest. We suppose this is caused by the popularity of beatboxing as the instrument without instrument.

The fact that such festivals attract the attention of people that are familiar with music is escpecially inspiring.

Audiofeels (PL)

This festival is a great idea; we found very interesting variety of performing artists, both beginners and stars. Technical equipment was perfect, every performance sounded really good.

DedooX (RU)

The human voice is now like never before getting close to the top of its capabilities. The Experimental Voice contributes to expand and popularize these capabilities by showing the wide range of techniques and genres.

The Experimental Voice music festival reveals what the modern acapella really sounds like. We will continue to amaze you with the endless possibilities of the human voice by inviting best of the best.

Svetlana Yaremich

festival director